Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 7

It’s been a wonderful last day on the slopes with all the children completing their ski assessments in order to get their levels and medals at this evenings awards ceremony. Do make sure they show you their ski booklets on our return.

The intermediates did a black run, whilst the advanced group learnt how to ski in their boots and the beginners took mastered even more red runs and jumps!

We had lunch with a view today as we were moved upstairs as other schools had left. We all missed our favourite waiters and waitresses, however, it was lovely to eat our pasta whilst looking out across the mountains.

This evening we have been out for pizza at a local restaurant where the children could choose from approximately 59 different pizza’s - there is definitely such thing as too much choice as it took forever for 32 children and 4 staff to decide what we all wanted! Pudding wasn’t much easier either as there were 12 different amazing flavours of ice cream to choose from! Total mayhem but it was all absolutely delicious and a great end to our week.

We then returned to the hotel for our own mini awards evening where every child is given a little award for something they’ve contributed to the week. We got in to our pj’s and sat around listening to funny stories, jokes and escapades whilst celebrating each other’s achievements over the course of the week. This ranged from the ‘Sir Lose A Lot’ award and the ‘pit stop’ award, to the ‘Best pj's’ and the ‘TorJoyce’ award. Again we were all crying with laughter reminiscing about the antics that have happened during our incredible week together!

It really has been a blast and whilst we’re so excited to see you tomorrow we’re also very sad that we’re not going to be waking up to go skiing! ⛷😢

See you all tomorrow!

Goodnight from your very weary but very excited amazing skiers! xxx

Wipeout of the day: Jack S

Skier of the day: Bethany J

Joint skier of the day (on Day 2 but I’m afraid it was missed off the blog): Joyce L