Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 6

It's been another glorious day on the slopes with bright blue skies and non-stop sunshine.

I decided to join the beginners this morning and we headed off to find some nice blue and red runs. I can confirm their stopping distances have improved, however, this group just love to do the splits! Every time we stopped someone seemed to be on the floor doing the splits (often Millie!) and whilst Jack T has mastered the parallel turns, he still seems to be having some problems with his breaks, often using other members of the group to do this! There were a couple of brilliant pile ups on the moguls (often seeming to be caused by Daya!), whilst Maddie and Millie landed on top of each other after nearly every jump! They have cracked all the lifts and Mary was enjoying herself so much chatting away to Lulu that she decided not to get off!! On a serious note though - their skiing has improved so much this week and their instructor, Gianni, has told our rep this afternoon how impressed he is with the groups progress and their impeccable manners and behaviour! 👍

It was lovely to bump into (though thankfully not literally!) the advanced group whilst we were out playing on the jumps and moguls in the trees and they too have had a day of 'catching some air' out and about it the trees. Apparently Zara has only hugged one tree today, which is a huge improvement! However, I believe they took on the steepest black run in the resort this afternoon and whilst (according to Sergio who was extremely impressed with them all) they did incredibly well, it did manage to wipeout the whole group in the first few metres! Of course this did not stop them though and they all got up and persevered down the mountain! A fantastic achievement to be able to go home and say they've done! I managed to tag on to the back of the advanced group whilst going down a nice red run earlier and I can now officially say I've skied with the advanced group! 😁

The intermediates have had another great day working on their parallel turns and mastering the more tricky red runs. They've gone even further afield on the mountains and travelled so far this morning that they were late back for lunch! Their confidence is growing every day and Mr Millard skied with them this afternoon and was very impressed with their progress! 

After supper tonight we have the team building challenge so we hope they've all packed their straws and are ready to collaborate and use their initiative...

Then we're hoping for another early night to keep us in tip top condition for our last day on the slopes. Whilst we're all rather weary and the children are obviously looking forward to seeing you all, we're also really sad that tomorrow is our last day of skiing because we really are having the time of our lives!

Goodnight (for later!) from 32 pro-skiers, xxx

Skier of the day (Wednesday): Adam A-B

Wipeout of the day (Wednesday): Toby G

Skier of the day (Thursday): Max K

Wipeout of the day (Thursday): Mary L

Quote of the day:

Child 1 (on seeing someone going very fast and totally wipeout she said to her friend): "Did you just see that cocky teenager showing off and totally wipeout? Oh no, whoops...that's Mr Millard!"