Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 4

Day 4:

The weariness is really beginning to set in now and the children took some serious waking up this morning! One young lady (Holly P) seemed particularly tired this morning and having finished waking up all rooms, I decided it might be a good idea to give their room another knock and found the young lady back in bed!! 😴

After a good breakfast it was time to test out our newfound gusto on the gondola and it appears we have totally mastered it! 🚠 Elena S is an absolute demon at getting to the front of the queue so we’re now all following her! We were up the mountain in record time ready for another day on the slopes...but with poles!

Three days in and the beginners have already been down some red runs, which is amazing! They’ve got to grips with their poles and begun to master the chair lifts, however, they now need to improve their stopping distances as apparently there have been a few pile ups today - mainly involving Oscar, Hugo, Arun & Jack T - I know, we couldn’t believe it either!! We had a good chat in the gondola on our return about the Highway Code and that the blame always falls with the person behind! We’ll see if they remember this tomorrow... 🤞

Meanwhile the intermediate group have been exploring all over the mountain today. They were joined this morning by Mr Mac who was very impressed with how their parallel turns are progressing and they’ve all thoroughly enjoyed having poles today! Mainly because they like pointing them up to the sky to make themselves look like aliens though!

Jumping seems to have been the main focus for the advanced group today with them spending a great deal of time in the air! As you can imagine these speed demons have absolutely loved it, although it did result in one enormous pile up when a certain young man (Harry H!) decided to stop just the other side of the jump and the 4 people who followed him over had absolutely nowhere to go but to land on top of him (and each other)! Another steep learning curve for them all but this caused a lot of laughs! Oh and you’ve never seen anyone get to the front of a chair lift quicker than Charlie T - he is like a little ninja in the queues - one minute he was at the back and the next he was right at the front - apparently he just dodges between peoples legs! We like his style! 👍

Tonight’s evening entertainment was bowling and well let’s just say the standard and style varied A LOT! How can Laurence T not be able to bowl??? 😂 Oli T can apparently only bowl with two hands...I’ve never seen anything like it!! 🙈 And as for Mr M - it appears he doesn’t deal well with scoring anything less than a strike each time. Winners will be announced later in the week but we all had a brilliant time, giggling at each other’s bowling disasters and cheering each other’s bowling successes as a fair few strikes were scored!

It’s been early nights all round tonight to try and keep the children as rested and refreshed as possible.

They are all being absolute superstars and amazing company both on and off the slopes! It’s wonderful to see new friendships blossoming, the team work between children who would not necessarily spend time together at school and a totally different side to some children. These trips really are something special and we are making memories that none of us are ever going to forget!

Goodnight from 32 super skiers and 4 happy teachers, xxx

Wipeout of the day: Joseph G-B

Skier of the day: Henry K (nominated by a friend)

Quote of the day:

Child 1: “Is Lulu vegetarian or vegan?”

Child 2: “She must be vegan otherwise she wouldn’t be eating those potatoes!"

Child 3: “But potatoes aren’t vegetables so I still don’t understand!”

Mr Mac: “Potatoes are definitely vegetables.”

Child 3: “No cabbage is a vegetable but not potatoes!”

I think we might need to do some work on food groups on our return!