Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 3

Day 3:

It’s been another fun packed day on the slopes with all the children making excellent progress and being able to venture further afield on the piste.

The beginners have now just about mastered the button lift - although not without a few entertaining tumbles first, of course! I’ve heard that if they were over half-way up when they fell off they had to get up and walk up but if they were less than half-way they were ‘rescued’ by Giovanni, whose patience was wearing slightly thin by the 7th faller, and taken back to the bottom, so they all got to grips with it pretty quickly! They then spent the afternoon working on their parallel turns ready to hit more of the piste tomorrow.

The intermediate group have been off exploring the blue runs and working on their balance ready for poles tomorrow (you would not believe how exciting the thought of poles could be!). However, of course, as they begin to pick up some speed and the gradient increases, there comes a few more wipeouts, which we thoroughly enjoyed hearing about on our gondola ride back down this afternoon. I think it’s fair to say they thoroughly enjoyed their morning on the slalom course!

Meanwhile the advanced group have been down their first black run of the week, which they all coped with extremely well and came back to base this afternoon feeling very proud of themselves! And rightly so as a couple of the teachers saw that particular run earlier and declared “there is no way i’m ever going down that!” They are some brave (and possibly rather mad) children who seem to love demonstrating our risk taking buzz word with their ski antics!

After another busy and wonderful day in the sun it was time to head back to the hotel for some chill out time before supper and a quiz! However, we did have time for a quick stop at the local shop to buy a few treats and practice our Italian - so far we have mastered “ciao” when approaching the cashier and “grazi miele” when they give us our change...we’ll try to get on google translate tonight to find a couple more staple Italian sayings for the children to practice tomorrow.

I’m not sure that they’re going to come back fluent in Italian but I can guarantee they will come back with a lot more gusto when queuing as we’ve had to adopt the approach ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ when queuing for the gondola and lifts! It’s been a quick and steep learning curve for these children and they’re already a hundred times more feisty than they were when they left on Saturday! Passport control at EMA (and Mr Humphries on the RGS The Grange lunch queue!) might not know what’s hit them on our return!! We teachers, however, are seriously impressed and feeling very proud of their commitment to getting themselves and their ski’s on that gondola at 8.30am! 🚠

They are now all tucked up in bed, fast asleep, dreaming of poles, button lifts and black runs! 💤

Goodnight from 32 feisty gondola demons and 4 very proud teachers, xxx

Quotes of the day:

Mr M: “Good Morning Cheese Boy” (on our return I’m sure you’ll find out who this is!)

Child 1: “Least I’ve got a girlfriend!”

Child 2: “Yes, when you see her at lunchtime you’ll have to flex your snood at her!” (Maybe don’t ask!)

Wipeout of the day: Holly & Elena

Skiers of the day: Joyce & Ben

Quiz winners: Henry, Daya, Joe, Jack, Seb & Toby