Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 2

Day 2:

As expected it took a little while to wake most of them up this morning (which is a little worrying as it’s only the first day and they’re only going to get more tired!), however, a couple of boys had been very organised and set their alarm and were already dressed and sat playing top trumps when we knocked on their door! Bonus points for their room today!

After a fantastic choice of breakfast it was time to find out if the checklists on the back of their bedroom doors had worked! Let’s just say they were better than some previous years but there’s room for improvement tomorrow... 🤞You would think the 4 flights of stairs they have to go back up when they forget something would be enough to make them triple check the list but apparently not...yet...!

A short walk down to the ski hire shop and then it was time for the joys of ski boot fitting. I must say they were pretty efficient and before we knew it we were boarding the gondola and heading up to the top of mountain.

With the sun shining, the sky an electric blue, the temperature an extremely balmy 11 degrees and the snow perfect, this made for an incredible first day on the slopes - particularly for all those children (and staff) who were experiencing their first time skiing on real snow up in the mountains! The views were quite literally breath-taking!

We met our instructors Gianni (beginner group), Alexandro (intermediate group) and Sergio (advanced group) and were quickly off to different parts of the mountain to assess our skiing ability.

Whilst the beginners went off to the ski school area to master their snow ploughs, the intermediate group began to make good headway with their turns and stopping, and the advanced group took on some runs around our ‘base camp’.

Lunch soon came round and over pizza, lots of tales began to emerge of crashes, wipe outs and hilarious escapades - clearly everyone had had a brilliant first morning!

Back out we went feeling very full, pretty hot (it felt like a midsummer day dressed in all our thermals!) and our legs a little weary, however, we couldn’t contain the intermediate groups excitement as they found out they were off exploring and moving on to parallel turns!

Meanwhile the beginners spent the afternoon perfecting their turns and stops - two critical skills I’m sure you’ll understand they must master before they can be allowed to venture off the nursery slopes! 🙈 The advanced group, however, were practicing their ‘synchronised skiing’ - learning how to ski whilst holding hands with their partner! Collaboration and Persistence at its finest!

The amount of progress we have seen on day one has been phenomenal and we are so impressed with them all!

We returned to the hotel for a brilliant scavenger hunt with a twist, where teams had to build snowmen, wear as many items of ski clothing as they possibly could and do their best impressions of RGS The Grange teachers! It was highly entertaining for us to watch!

After another delicious supper and our evening meeting it was time for some ‘chill out’ time in their rooms before an early night ready for another fun packed day tomorrow!

Goodnight from 36 very happy skiers,


Skier of the day: Maddie

Wipe out of the day: Talulla & Zara

Some quotes of the day:

“Mr M where do I get the tap water from?”

Child 1: “I can’t find my helmet anywhere - I’ve searched and searched and I think I’ve left it in the boot room!”

Child 2: “It’s on your head!”