Ski Trip Blog 2019

Day 1

We’ve made it to the mountains! 🏔

I think it’s fair to say that we all appreciated the much more leisurely start to the trip with a full nights sleep, a very civilised 9.45am meet and only a quick trip up the M5 to East Midlands airport this year so a big ‘Thank You’ Mr M!

Everything has gone to plan today with the children being extremely organised and polite through check in, passport control and the flight. It’s always lovely to receive positive feedback from members of the public and as we were disembarking one lady said “you wouldn’t know they were here - they have been amazing!”, which was lovely to hear - a big thumbs up from us so far! 👍

Also, for the first time ever, not one child had liquids in their hand luggage when going through security (which Mr Bousfield can’t believe!) so we ‘flew’ through and there was plenty of time for lunch and some last minute shopping - I think Burger King may have done quite well out of us today!

You’ll be pleased to hear that the children have arrived at the hotel with all the belongings you packed them off with this morning! However...that possibly has more to do with the teachers doing a very good job of finding abandoned bags, phones, gloves and water bottles than the children being extremely diligent with their belongings! I will leave it to you to guess who the culprits are so far...

After a rather long and windy journey up in to the mountains we finally made it to our hotel and we have not been disappointed! The rooms are beautiful and spacious and the three course meal for supper was delicious! We're definitely not going to be going hungry this week!

We are now tucked up in bed and off to sleep, dreaming of fun in the snow tomorrow... ☃️⛷

Goodnight from us all, xxx