PGL May 2019

Mud Glorious Mud

Well, when one is reflecting upon today, there is an overarching memory of mud! Put it this way, if you have any seeds that need planting on your child’s return, you could use them as a human grow bag and, if not, the items in the wet bags would suffice!

It was amazing to see so many individuals throw caution to the wind and immerse themselves, quite literally, in the Muddy Challenge course. At times, we all struggled to identify who we were talking to on exit!

The photographs will give you an idea.

Having drained the local reservoir of water during the near impossible task of showering off the evidence, the children regrouped and continued with some less messy activities.

We had some crack shots on the rifling range and some super speedy climbers.

After four different activities over the course of the day, the children began to flag a bit before dinner, but once fed and watered they were ready to head off, in the rather inclement weather, to the campfire. A bit of singing and a dry interlude later, it was back to the house to get ready for bed and a story. The latter, this evening, was courtesy of the unsung author who is Mrs Kirby. The children were treated to a sneak peek of her latest work, a tale about her cat Cinders.

No reflection on the author’s skills, the children were uncontrollably nodding heads, so off to bed they trundled and, within about fifteen minutes, every single little star was softly sinking into sleep.

A fabulous day, with a fabulous group of children. They did themselves, you and us proud.

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