France 2019

France 2019

Dear parents: following our departure from you early this morning we can report that we have arrived in great spirits at our accommodation - and currently reside in our beds recuperating and reflecting on a brilliant first day of our French residential.

The day started off in almost perfect fashion. The seemingly traffic-less trip to Folkestone passed us by due to constant conversation, camaraderie and candour… not a single sweet was eaten prior to 6am… honest. However, despite the excitement of the journey down to Kent, the trip really felt like it started as soon as the coach expertly manoeuvred its way into the carriage of the Channel Tunnel and we were transported under the water to mainland Europe and on into picturesque France.

First stop was to visit the town of Boulogne-Sur-Mer to experience the largest aquarium on the continent at Nausicaa National Sea Centre. We marvelled at the huge 10,000,000 litres tank for pelagic fish (fish that live in the pelagic zone of ocean or lake water - being neither close to the bottom or near the shore, of course), and said hello to a range sea animals from many marine environments, including exhibits such as a shark aquarium, tropical lagoon, sea lion reserve, a submerged forest and a penguin beach.

After spending the entire afternoon at the aquarium, it was time to make our way to our temporary new home - the glorious establishment of Stella Maris in Stella-Plage. A delicious dinner was devoured soon after, followed by the removal of the last remnants of the day’s energy by bounding up and tumbling down the steepest sand dunes many of us had ever seen.

That brings us to bedtime on day one. Sand in toes. Food in tummy. Joy in hearts. And Year Six in France.

Bonne nuit, dors bien.