Day Two Part 2 - grange
Mill on the Brue 2018

Day Two Part 2

Thursday 17 May

The sun has been shining at Mill on the Brue and the children have been working as a team, collaborating in all of the wonderful activities and making the most of the new opportunities afforded to them. The centre staff have been very impressed with their leadership skills and were shocked to hear words such as ‘persistence, collaboration, risk taking and empathy’ used around the activities. The children were eager to tell them all about our ‘Buzz Words,’ and how they use them on a day to day basis back at school.

We started the morning by aiming for the bullseye with our best Robin Hood impression. The children learnt how to stand, aim and shoot an arrow towards a target. Next, they tackled the low ropes course and had to navigate tubes, wire ropes, bridges and sea saws. They had two missions, one was to transport a jug of water from one side of the course to another. The second being to find the puzzle pieces and complete the jigsaw. The puzzle was soon completed, although it is safe to say that most of the water ended up on the floor, but with determination and teamwork, in the end they completed the course with some water in the jug!

After a hearty lunch, the children had free play on the climbing frames and football pitch. The sun shone on the beautiful grounds and brook, which runs through the centre. Children have embraced the opportunities to investigate the wild flowers and plants around the grounds and tasted wild garlic, chives and even stinger nettles!

This afternoon we ventured up the vast climbing wall. Everybody went up and enjoyed the fantastic views where you could see for miles around. Abseiling back down proved to be just as much fun and we had a competition to see who could let their bum touch the ground before their feet. Rest assured, lots of laughter was had by all and we were extremely proud of the children’s maturity and ‘have a go attitude!’

Our last activity of the day was the assault course. This was perhaps the funniest so far! It was a sight to be seen as we had to jump into the ‘giants toilet’, climb down the ‘rat hole’ and some of us even ended up shin deep in cold, dirty ‘dog bath’ water. We learnt lessons on the first attempt and soon considered how best to support one another and improve their team performance! Both groups significantly improved their finishing times and everyone was proud of how well they had perfected their game plan.

The evening finished with hot chocolate around the camp fire, melted marshmallows on sticks and a rousing rendition of a Celtic myth from our dynamic group leader. All children spent their pocket money in the gift shop and fell asleep instantly as their little heads hit the pillow. Tomorrow we save perhaps the best activity until last, read the blog tomorrow to find out more!

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