France 2018

Day three: Bees, beaches & boulangeries

Day three: Bees, beaches & boulangeries

Perhaps the most difficult part of our third day in France was deciding whether the Bluecaps or Redcaps had the most enjoyable day. It is an impossible task, considering that every child must have aching cheeks on account of all the smiles on show from breakfast through to bed.

The Redcaps - under the tutelage of Connah, Willis and Millard - began their day by discovering a little more about the life and times of bees. A few of the many intriguing pieces of information being that bees flap their wings more than 400 times a minute, can sense both angry and calm pheromones (so remember to stay as relaxed as possible on your next encounter with a bee), and that a bumble bee is not actually classified as a bee.

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