Day Two

We awoke this morning to glorious sunshine and I'm afraid to say it hasn't stopped shining here all day, unlike in Worcester we hear! After a lovely traditional French breakfast complete with croissants and hot chocolate in a bowl it was time to head off to our first activities of the day.

Coach 1's itinerary:    Bee Farm       Creperie     Snail Farm           Coach 2's itinerary:  Snail Farm    Sand Sailing      Bee Farm

Therefore both groups have BEEn (sorry!) to the Bee Farm today where they have learnt all about bee keeping, which bees do which jobs (complete with some very entertaining dressing up and acting!) and how the honey is collected. We then went for a lovely walk around the beautiful gardens where we were able to see the bees working in the hive first hand and we all managed to complete the maze! All the children also made their own candle to bring home.

At the Snail Farm we learnt lots of fascinating facts about snails and when we get home be sure to ask your children all about how snails reproduce, which cosmetics company use snail slime and how fast a snail travels! Lots of new friendships were formed at the Snail Farm when the children were allowed to hold a snail and many decided to name their new 'pets' - we had a Dave, Sam and Jonny to name only a few. We then returned to the house to eat snail pate and snails in garlic butter, which most of the children tried!

Coach 1 had a delicious 3 course lunch at the creperie where they also made their own bread and learnt how to make straw dolls, whilst Coach 2 had a lovely picnic lunch on the beach before their sand sailing session, which was fantastic fun despite the slight lack of wind! They may all return with muscles like Popeye after having to push each other round the course when there wasn't enough wind to sail!

On the way home the two groups met at the beach for our evening entertainment where we played cricket and football and built sand castles. The beach is always a highlight of the trip for both the children and staff as it's wonderful to watch the children just being children and all playing the different games together!

After another hearty supper and singing 'Happy Birthday' (in French of course!) to our Birthday boy Nathan Lad it was time for showers, a room inspection and an early night ready for another busy and brilliant day tomorrow.

Night night from 55 happy but sleepy children, xxx