Day One

Waving goodbye to you all at 6am this morning seems like a very long time ago now after such a fun-filled action packed first day! After a good journey down and a quick stop at the services (where one child who shall remain nameless thought we were already in France and tried to spend their euros!!) it was finally time to board the euro-tunnel to many glees of excitement from the children but also some rather anxious faces about how we were going to get our two huge coaches onto that 'tiny train' but with some very impressive manoeuvres from our drivers we were on and about to 'set sail' to France! 

30 minutes later the children couldn't believe we were already there and Mr Millard was already thrilled as before we'd even reached French soil he had been told 'this is the best trip ever!'

It was now time to wave goodbye to the other coach for a couple of hours as group 1 set off to the high ropes course for an afternoon of monkeying about in the trees, whilst group 2 made their way to the big top to perfect their circus skills.

We were very impressed with group 1 who all had a go at the high ropes course and thoroughly enjoyed climbing and zipping from one tree to the next like little monkeys, and group 2 who also all had a go at the different circus activities and trapezed and balanced their way round the big top like true acrobats. The persistence and risk taking demonstrated by all the children today was fantastic, however it was the amazing team work that really struck us as we watched the children coax and advise each other across challenging parts in the trees and support and encourage each other whilst balancing in the circus skills workshop. This really is what these trips are all about and spending time with the children outside the classroom never fails to amaze us.

Group 1 also went to visit the WW1 memorial this afternoon and we thought the word of the day that perfectly described the visit was 'humbling' - it truly was. And the children were their usual inquisitive selves asking many thought provoking questions and using their knowledge of WW1 to really empathise with the soldiers whose memorials we were visiting.

Unpacking, a delicious 3 course supper and showers followed before bedtime.

Today has been a fantastic first day and they've set the bar high for themselves for the rest of the week...

Night night from 55 yawning Year 6's, xxx

And it is 6.15am and off to France we go - cannot wait!

Girls settling into their accommodation for their first night!