Day Two

Day Two, for some, began with the waking of the birds at dawn. You can imagine how that went down! The children were encouraged to return to sleep for another couple of hours before the camp filled with the smell of bacon cooking on the fire. A full English breakfast was served and then the preparations were made for the first expedition of the day. We took a leisurely stroll through the forest with Harry, who told us about flora and fauna.

After a quick break and re-fuel the children were put into small groups for the knife skills activity. Under tightly controlled supervision, they each made a tent peg and then took up the task of making friendship bracelets. These proved a little tricky for some, but the teachers soon turned their hand to it. Mrs Atkinson particularly enjoyed the task and has become the new friendship bracelet expert!

The children made their own pizzas for lunch and then spent some time building traps before witnessing the panassing of salmon ready for dinner. The annual eyeball challenge ensued and the number of volunteers pleasantly surprised us. We reverted to technology in order to choose the lucky few at random and after the usual encouragement the six brave souls popped an eyeball in. Some chewed vigorously, some spat it out and two determined bushcrafters swallowed! A massive well done to Emily Walsh and Liam Chadwick who joined the elite few and hats off to Janya Shailendra, Henry Kilburn, Tasha Lindsay and Laurence Thompson for having a good go!

After all the excitement Harry completed the panassing and the children took a break before getting camouflaged up.

‘Tribes Got Talent’ is to follow after dinner and hopefully a more peaceful night’s sleep!