Day One

On a beautiful May morning, Year Four were warmly welcomed by Harry our camp leader as we drew up in the car park. We walked into the forest to begin our epic Bushcraft adventure and were immediately given the task of building fires within tribes to cook lamb kebabs for lunch. Whilst the children were happily gathering sticks and skewering meat and peppers, Mr Bousfield, Mr Cocker and Mr Warne took charge of the staff fire!

After lunch, amidst a flurry of sleeping bag unfolding and roll mat inflating, the children found their tents and unpacked. On returning to their tribes they came up with a tribe song and made a flag.

A game of ‘Chicken in a Henhouse’ followed and then shelter building. We’ll let you know which brave souls opted to sleep in the shelters over night and how they faired.

Dinner consisted of spag bol and garlic bread followed by chocolate brownies which were cooked around the fire during the day.

Games before hot chocolate ensued and then to bed!