Day Two - grange

Day Two

After a peaceful night for some and a less peaceful night for others, Day Two began in earnest after pancakes for breakfast and a liberal spraying of dry shampoo for one particular member of staff, who was surprised to learn that it didn't have quite the same effect as Just For Men!

The long awaited knife skills session followed and we are glad to say that all digits remain intact. With tent pegs made, it was snack time and off into the forest for a wilderness walk. Our guides, Jake and Andrew, pointed out copious amounts of animal tracks and finally led us to a badger set, adding fuel to the rumour started by Woody, that he had been disturbed in the night by a badger climbing onto the roof of his tent!

It was back to camp for pizza making and munching, with a trap setting and water skills workshop filling the time before the long awaited salmon parnassing and eyeball eating challenge.

Woody helped parnass the salmon and a very daring bunch of randomly picked children put themselves forward to eat the six eyeballs. All gave it a really good go, but Noah and Oliver M managed to complete the challenge in full, chewing, then swallowing the entire eyeball! Not to be outdone, Mossy joined the elite members by also downing an eyeball!

A delicious final dinner followed, after which the children performed their tribal dances. And so to the final night on site. Jake had to hastily erect another shelter, as so many girls decided to sleep under the stars and they were also joined by a good handful of boys.

Silence fell upon the camp far quicker than last night, so hopefully the children will be bright and breezy tomorrow for our last few activities.