Day Three - grange

Day Three

Well, the peace and quiet didn't last! At four o'clock in the morning, the heavens opened and the happy campers were reminded just how inclement the British weather can be! Unperturbed, the shelter dwellers remained fast asleep only waking once their sleeping bags finally gave way to the rain and they realised they had wet feet! A cooked breakfast around a warm fire soon dispelled the misery of a soggy night and we went on to enjoy the final day on site. The last activities involved first aid training and a tribe competition to create the best fire and the best water tight shelter. Once back at base, the game of 'Manners Gallery' was played, followed by an impromtu rendition of 'A Million Dreams' (a slightly odd choice for a campfire song, but beautifully performed) before a lunch of hot dogs and corn on the cob. Having refuelled, we set off on our walk out of the woods, back to the coach. A few took the opportunity for forty winks, others were busy reminiscing.

Those awaiting our return smelled us before seeing us! Thirty-six happy, dirty and tired children, followed by four equally happy, dirty and tired teachers tumbled out of the smoky haze of the coach and back onto familiar soil. Another amazing trip to Bushcraft, surely never to be forgotten.