Day One - grange

Day One

Year Four set off in glorious sunshine to Cornbury Park ready and eagerly anticipating the Bushcraft experience.

Jake, the camp leader, and his team warmly welcomed us and, having checked all were present and correct, the entire crew set off into the woods. After a short trek, along bluebell strewn paths, we arrived at camp. The children were immediately instructed on camp safety and fire making and were set to work on their own fires on which they cooked burgers for lunch. After enjoying their first meal, each tribe came up with a name for themselves and designed a tribe flag. Survival bracelets came next, requiring a great deal of persistence and resilience, not least amongst the staff - Woody, Mossy, Twiggy and Beechy - aka Mr Warne, Mrs Ryder, Mrs Turner and Mrs Egginton. Next came camp games, a quick snack and then shelter building. The day culminated with spag bol and a post dinner romp through the woods playing Predator. Brownies and hot chocolate before bed in tents or under shelters. More to follow tomorrow...